Signature Bag - Handmade in Spain

Our URBAN & versatile GENDERLESS leather bag has a subtle & graphic AW cut, beautifully topstitched with tonal tread. Our embossed logo is elegant and timeless.

It takes TIME to create and produce quality & beauty. We work with small family-owned businesses in Spain with years of experience.


Upcycled Premium Calfskin:
Sustainable Luxury: By using high-quality calfskin left over from high-end fashion brands, the product aligns with sustainable practices, reducing waste and avoiding the need for additional leather production.

Unique Appeal:
This approach not only conserves resources but also gives each bag a unique character, as the upcycled leather varies in texture and pattern.
Birch Bottom:
Added Durability: Incorporating a bottom made of thin birch wood significantly enhances the bag's strength, making it ideal for carrying heavier items like laptops.
Natural Material: Birch is a sustainable, natural material known for its sturdiness and light weight, adding functionality without bulk.