AW + Sustainable Development Goals

At Abelone Wilhelmsen, we are committed to creating a positive impact that aligns with the UNITED NATIONS' Sustainable Development Goals. Our brand ethos is deeply rooted in sustainable practices, ethical production, and meaningful design, contributing to several key SDGs: 


  At the heart of our mission lies responsible consumption and production. Our focus on slow fashion, ethical manufacturing, and reduced overproduction directly contributes to sustainable consumption and production patterns.


  We believe that self-expression, embracing authenticity, and celebrating imperfections foster positive mental well-being and self-image, promoting good health and overall well-being.


  By supporting local and international artisans, we contribute to fair labor practices and economic growth within the fashion industry.


  Our commitment to diversity and self-expression contributes to advancing gender equality and inclusivity within the fashion sphere.


  Our innovative approach to fashion, blending conceptual artistry with design, propels innovation within the industry.


   Encouraging self-expression and embracing imperfections indirectly contributes to reducing social inequalities and stigmas.


   While not our central focus, our emphasis on sustainability and ethical practices indirectly supports climate protection within the fashion industry.


  Collaborations with partners like Shavatar, Cosh, Dressr, and VITA Concept Store exemplify how we actively engage in partnerships for collective sustainable efforts.


This sequence reflects the prioritization and influence of our business practices on various dimensions of sustainable development.

At Abelone Wilhelmsen, we are dedicated to fashion that not only inspires self-expression, but also propels positive change for a more sustainable future.