Abelone Wilhelmsen

bag leather craftsmanship
Where CRAFTSMANSHIP meets timeless elegance!

Abelone Wilhelmsen is a Danish fashion designer based in Antwerp who offers a fresh take on timeless fashion. Her brand focuses on skills and seasonless premium designer apparel that offers beauty through it and exceptional value that is built to last. Abelone's flagship store is a must-visit destination for those looking for elegant and timeless pieces. Located in the centre of the fashion district!

Always looking for ways to improve her collections, Abelone now offers her latest collaboration with Spanish artisans in Ubrique, who have used their refined skills to realise the first Abelone Wilhelmsen Signature bag. The leather used is a result of intermediate stock from high-end fashion houses and the bag shows extraordinary attention to detail and quality, making it a perfect addition to any wardrobe.

The collaboration between Abelone Wilhelmsen and Spanish artisans includes sustainable practices and offers customers an opportunity to acquire a highly exclusive piece of craftsmanship. Don't miss this chance to pick out a multi-faceted piece of art that has been discovered with the convincing skills of expert artisans. This bag is a statement piece that you will cherish forever.

There is more than just the Abelone Wilhelmsen collection, the designer offers you a unique experience during private shopping or personal styling. Receive exclusive advice on the style adapted to your taste and shop in a personalized and integrated environment.

Abelone Wilhelmsen offers her customers more than just clothes, she offers them an experience. The combination of craftsmanship and timeless elegance describes garments that you will wear again and again and that will always stay in style. If you're looking for something urban and exclusive, you should definitely visit Abelone Wilhelmsen's flagship store. 

GVA.be - Ellen Bogaerts